kim kardashian north westKim Kardashian‘s six-month-old baby, North West, has a better car than I do, and I can’t even be mad because she and it are just so cute that I consider everything they do to be some kind of deliciously twee performance art.

I don’t know how babies work, so I take most of my cues from the experts over at Mommyish, where this years’s gift guide said the hot new gifts for the under-1 set include a box of tissues and a cardboard box. But the Kardashian-West clan thinks outside the box and instead makes gifts of tiny Lamborghinis.

“Like father like daughter,” Kardashian said, alongside an Instagram picture of North’s new, tiny version next to Kanye West’s grown-up, Batman-style matte black Lamborghini.

north-west-lamborghiniWhile I realize that North West has no idea what this is and probably does not have the physical capacity to use it yet, I can’t help but think it’s adorable the way baby orcas are adorable. (It might be the car’s similarity to a baby orca that is making it seem so cute.) But by the time North West is old enough to use her car, Kanye will probably have moved on and have a newer, cooler car, hopefully with another tiny version for North to tool around in.

I still think $300 Hermès booties are a terribly stupid waste of money on tiny babies that are certainly going to wriggle them off and throw them out of their strollers, and I almost certainly would find this baby Lamborghini less cute if I had any idea what it cost.