According to various pictures posted on Twitter, Kim Kardashian has purchased a female teacup Persian kitten, whom she is currently manhandling all over town. She named her Mercy after the lead single off Kanye West‘s new album, because if there’s anything she learned from her own mother, it’s that children both human and animal are a ginormous branding opportunity not to be missed.

Judging from Mercy’s fluffy white appearance and the number of glamor shots Kim has already taken of her, it seems like she’s trying to bite some of Choupette Lagerfeld‘s style, and who could blame her? That cat has climbed to the top of the fashion world faster than Kim could ever hope to do. But all cat models are not created equal, and that inimitable spark of French haughtiness is simply missing from Mercy’s eyes. (If anything, she looks a bit simple.) And not to body snark a cat, but she also seems to lack the refined shape and poise that make for an exceptional feline model. I mean, Choupette would never deign to allow herself to be photographed looking like this:

That said, lack of the proper “look” or talent has never stopped a Kardashian before, so I suspect it’s only a matter of time before Mercy is given cheek implants and collagen injections in preparation for her very own reality show.

(Via Fashionista)

Photos: @KimKardashian