Today is Mother’s Day! If you have not yet done so, you’d better call your mom right now. If you already remembered to take care of your Mother’s Day duties, then you can sit back and check out how the celebrities honor their moms. It turns out they celebrate Mother’s Day just like all your Facebook friends: By changing their profile pictures to pictures of their moms.

These are really cute, and in a lot of cases we get to see the world’s most glamorous people when they were tiny, normal babies with normal moms. It’s pretty adorable.

Gwen Stefani:

Dita Von Teese:

Gisele Bundchen:

Kelly Osbourne:

Kendall Jenner:

James Franco:

Kim Kardashian got a wall of roses, hydrangeas and peonies and gave us new pictures of North West:

Kris Jenner:

Miley Cyrus:

Lindsay Lohan:

Busy Philipps:

(Photos: Instagram)