Well, it’s official — a nasally whine is more annoying than destroying the lives of your children. In a recent poll conducted by Parade magazine, Kim Kardashian beat out Charlie Sheen for the most annoying celebrity of the moment. She also beat Donald Trump, who tried to slander our current president unfairly (and with a notable hint of racism) by insisting that he prove he was born in the U.S.; Snooki, who is perfect in every way; Lindsay Lohan, who only hurts herself; and “The Bachelor” star Brad Womack, who we don’t really care about.

Listen, I can get on board that Kim Kardashian is the worst reality TV star out there, and I watch some pretty shitty reality TV. She’s intolerable, she contributes nothing to the greater cultural dialogue, she’s vapid, she’s fame-hungry and she doesn’t bring out any particularly good qualities in her viewers of herself. But honestly? She’s famous because we kind of like that shit. Kim Kardashian didn’t make us interested in people like her — we were interested to begin with, and she gave us something to focus on. To put her on par with people who are doing actual damage to other people’s lives, I would say, is unfair.