LIGHT THE BEACONS OF GONDOR: Kim Kardashian did something that was actually rather sweet when she accompanied Sgt, Martin Gardner to his Marine Corps Ball last night.

Wearing a quite stunning red Roland Mouret gown, Kardashian and Gardner attended the Ball in Greenville, North Carolina. Up until now, Gardner’s identity had been kept a secret and only referred to as an “unnamed marine.” Afterward, Kardashian tweeted, “Just left the Marine Corps Ball. Thanks to all of the marines I had the opportunity to meet tonight ! Thank you for all that you do!”

Obviously, I am inclined to assume that she was doing this for publicity, as her systems shut down one-by-one if she isn’t given an I.V. of widespread attention at all times (remember, this is the woman who loudly publicized donating just a tenth of the proceeds from her “ghetto clothes” sale to charity, so it’s sometimes a little difficult to take her seemingly good deeds seriously). Nevertheless, it’s still a pretty awesome move when any celebrity makes a fan’s dreams come true. In this case, she’s joining the ranks of Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis as marines’ dates for the ball. Plus, she reportedly rearranged her schedule in order to do so, which adds to the “Her? Being nice?” question. Either way, this is definitely a check plus for Kardashian, as it is significantly less self-absorbed and ridiculous than 95% of everything else that family does.

[Edit: Somebody pee on the beacons of Gondor. Apparently, Kim left after 15 minutes in an act that seems pretty low, even for her. Thanks for the tip, Maggie!]

Photo: Lia Toby/