Is this going to be a new trend? Are the most fame-whorey among us just going to keep getting pulled over in their insanely expensive cars and then blame it all on the paparazzi? Why is it that only the Kardashians and Biebers of the celebrity world that seem to have these problems.

So apparently Kim K was hanging out in her $300,000 car, as you do, and her Celine Dion sing-a-long was interrupted by a bunch of villainous paparazzi. They trailed Kimbot down the 101 freeway. But how could they know that it was her? Kim is so smart, she removes the license plates from her custom Rolls Royce and keeps them in the glove box. Because a custom Rolls Royce would be hard to identify without its license plates. Unfortunately, the paps weren’t the only ones who figured out Kim’s sneaky trick.

The California Highway Patrol pulled the OG Kardashian over, but once she showed them the plates in her glove box and explained the pap situation, she was given a warning and allowed to go about her merry way.

Apparently, the cops are bigger sex tape/reality tv fans than they are music fans, because I’m pretty sure Justin Bieber tried to smooth his speeding over with the paparazzi excuse and it didn’t work out so well.

If Kim and Justin really want to be left alone by the paparazzi, trying driving a Honda Civic. I promise, they’ll never find you.

(Photo: WENN)