kim kardashianI know when I think of pregnancy, my brain immediately goes to a sex tape. It doesn’t even skip a beat, that’s how instant it all is and now I know I’m not alone.

According to TMZ, Vivid Entertainment, the classy company that owns the Kim Kardashian/Ray J sexy times tape, has seen an 80% increase in video-on-demand  sales of it since Kardashian announced that she’s carrying Kayne West‘s baby. The company also said that since the two started dating, sales of the tape have been on the rise, but this particular event is doing wonders for Vivd Entertainment. See? The damn kid isn’t even here yet and it’s already raking in the cash.

Although it is perplexing why a baby would make one want to watch that tape; it’s just odd. Are these people trying to ingrain the image of Kim’s pre-baby body on their brain now in case things go down hill later? Or is it something else? Maybe something extremely pervy, yet fantastic? What is the reason for this? I want answers! Someone must have an answer for me!

Did any of you decide that the post-baby announcement was the best time to finally sit down and watch the sex tape? And if you did, did you cuddle up against your favorite blow-up doll and drink some hot chocolate, too?


Photo: Judy Eddy/