Kim Kardashian makes it so easy for us: in recent memory, she ended her publicity marriage for more publicity, started gay rumors about her ex for continued publicity, did some nude yoga for still more publicity and then announced on Twitter she’d like to start a Bible study group (for more reasons, we suspect, than just publicity).

But sometimes she’s so transparent in her quest for attention that it’s… a little breathtaking. Last night, for example, she tweeted this photo of herself:

…With the caption: Photo shoot fresh! All about corals for spring swimwear #kardashiankollection

She might as well have tweeted, “Coral will be big for Spring. …But not as big as these two babies AMIRITE?!”

We’re going to say this has less to do with trend forecasting and more to do with Kim wanting some excuse (however flimsy) to post photos of herself making duckface in her underwear.

What’s next? A sex tape?!