Kim Kardashian always looks completely smashing because she wears incredible make-up. She tends to prefer a dramatic look which is perfect for an evening out.


When Kim attends an event or a party, she often wears heavy, smoky eye makeup, while sticking with something more neutral on the lips, adding a bit of shiny gloss for interest. I love using make-up to create smoky eyes but it can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. Go about it the wrong way and you’ll end up looking like you have a black eye or two. However, it’s a fantastic look if you’re brave enough to give it a try! A make-up tutorial is a good way to follow along.

Get Kim’s make-up look …

In this tutorial it shows just how drastically different you can make yourself look if you don’t shy away from drama – cosmetic drama, that is!


She’s already pretty to begin with but it’s incredible to see the difference between her fresh face and her Kim Kardashian inspired make-up isn’t it?

Image: BauerGriffonOnline