Okay so I have to admit that I don’t really watch any of those Kardashian shows…I watched maybe the first couple, but then I didn’t understand why I would want to keep watching more.  Soooo anyways, maybe it was explained on the show and I just missed it….but HOW THE HECK did this loser Scott Disick guy have a kid with Kourtney Kardashian????  Seriously!!??  Not that she’s the sharpest tool in the shed, but she is super duper hot and a mildly famous reality nitwit…so you’d think she’d have her choice of eligible bachelors.  And she chose to have a kid with THIS GUY?????

I am soooo confused.  Can someone who watches the show please explain this to me?

Not only does he have a ridiculous out-dated hairstyle and a yucky purple cardigan that wouldn’t even look good on a REAL hipster, he also seems waaay more interested in striking a pose than actually helping his baby mama WITH her baby get out of the car.  This guy just seems DREADFUL.

Nice loafers.

Image: Bauer Griffin