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After Kris Humphries married and then promptly got divorced from Kim Kardashian, he suffered a fair amount of humiliation. But none was so rough as when he realized that basketball fans now kind of hate him…and so do a lot of other people in the country.

In order to save face, the ex-Mr. Kardashian has created a Funny or Die video in which he attempts to prove that he’s a good sport by being in on the douchebag joke.

Humphries visits a PR agency, asking them for help in repairing his image, but all they want to do is cash in on him being a douche. They make toilet paper featuring his visage — “We want America wiping their ass with your face” — and a grown man from the Make-A-Wish Foundation shows up just so he can tell Humphries to go fuck himself.

Anyway, I’ll be honest — I really don’t hate Kris Humphries. I find him utterly benign in this world where everybody wants their fifteen minutes of fame. And besides, he looks good in junderwear.