The 40th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards - ShowIf you were worried about ending 2013 without increased attention to Kris Jenner‘s body, you needn’t fret because the star has taken to Instagram to remind you all that she exists and her body is banging. Jenner made use of Flipagram, an app used to make little videos of your Instagrams and gained some popularity for year-end compilations. Set to her future son-in-law Kanye West‘s “Black Skin Head,” Jenner picked her favorite Instas of 2013 so we could all delight in her wonderful year:

The world seems very taken with the photo of Jenner reclining in a bikini that she used as the cover for her Flipagram. I’ve seen such headlines as “Bikini Shot: Kris Jenner Is The Hottest Grandma In Town!“, “Kris Jenner Posts Skimpy Bikini Pic — Competing With Kim Kardashian?“, and “Kris Jenner Posts Bikini Photo, Could Be Mistaken For One Of Her Daughters.” This is fantastic. It’s cool that Jenner clearly feels very comfortable and confident in a swim suit, because how many women can really say that? But I’m so glad the internet was here to remind me that she’s old, old, haggardy hag old, and also that we should compare her hotness to her younger, sexier daughters. I suppose it isn’t a Wednesday if the internet isn’t quick to remind everyone that this hot mom is a mom, so there’s a glass mom-jean ceiling of hotness she can’t transcend.

Kris Jenner is annoying as all hell. She’s a fame whoring busybody who would sell her children’s bowel movements if they’d let her, and she’s in the running for least likable cast member on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. But the implicit and explicit ageism that Jenner gets thrown at her is even more exhausting than her personality.

Photos: Instagram, Getty Images