KStew has changed her hair color from brown to reddish. No doubt she’s trying to shake the hardcore rock n’ roll image that her brown hair supplied — since everyone knows that being brunette means that you have deep, dark secrets…secrets that can only be expressed through the roar of a guitar riff and the smashing of a beer bottle — but unfortunately, her angst is too profound to be eradicated by having red hair. I mean, look at her. I just want to know what she’s thinking!!!!

Stewart insists that whatever rock image she’s cultivated so far in her career is pure and real and totally an accident. According to Stylelist, she told Harper’s Bazaar that: “People think I’m trying to be rebellious, but that’s the last thing I’m doing.” We know, KStew, we know — when you’re rock n’ roll at heart, you just can’t help letting it show by behaving well at the MTV movie awards, being nice to tween fans, and “accidentally” tripping to show that you’re just like everyone else. But the rebellion lives in your angsty, angsty eyes.

[Image via Stylelist]