lady-gaga-gagadollCan’t sleep, Lady Gaga will eat me.

We thought the most horrifying thing Lady Gaga would ever do was wear that creepy murder doll costume (or the creepy chicken mask, if you are terrified of masks like Sam), but we should know to expect Lady Gaga to push the envelope of terror by now. Rather than simply dressing like a creepy murder doll, Lady Gaga has allowed a supervillain to build an army of creepy singing fembots for her fans to cuddle.

The Gagadoll is a life-sized and painfully realistic synthetic duplicate of Lady Gaga. It looks so much like a Real Doll that it can’t help but inspire the question of anatomical accuracy. We are eternally grateful that nobody has stepped forward to answer it.

According to Rocket News, “This life-size doll has a softly playing speaker built into its bust, so when someone lays their head upon her chest they can hear her music in place of her heartbeat.”

The Gagadolls were created by Lady Gaga’s Japanese marketing team, who decided they’d give fans a more intimate way of previewing her new album. Instead of just checking out a few tracks at the CD store or on iTunes, fans will be able to hug the life-sized doll and press their ears to its breast to hear the dulcet tunes of ARTPOP. They’d kind of have to buy a copy after that, no?

We’re a bit afraid of dolls to start with, so the Gagadolls are definitely going to give us nightmares forever. Lady Gaga is made of sterner stuff and seems to like her new duplicates quite a bit.

“Who needs Barbies when you can own your own life size pop star that sings to you #gagadollz,” Lady Gaga Tweeted alongside a picture of her seated between two of the creepy singing Real Dolls, which really are shockingly realistic. With the sunglasses on the dolls, we’d be hard-pressed to pick the real Lady Gaga out of a lineup.

Via RocketNews/Photo: Twitter/Lady Gaga