Lady GaGa apparently likes Nikons. And trashy outfits. Oh…and of course…ridiculous bows made out of her hair perched on her platinum blonde head.

Has anyone figured out when the schtick is going to finally end and we might actually see what this woman is all about? Aren’t we all a bit tired of this overblown charade of eyeroll inducing outfits and publicity stunts?

At this point, I would even prefer it if Lady GaGa kept to the trashy looks that at least covered her boobs. But having the girls hanging out in the breeze during a night out isn’t a good idea. For anyone. Unless you are a stripper. The cage shoulders combined with the Minnie Mouse hairdo just puts the whole thing over the edge into a new relm of sad, manufactured pop culture.

The good news for GaGa? Who would even recognize her if she was walking down the street wearing average clothes. No one.

Let’s all just hope for her sake she doesn’t board the Amy Winehouse express train to ugly-ville once the fake varnish of record label ideas and stylists wear away in a couple years.

Image: Splash News

Image: Splash News