lady gaga's nip slip

Another day, another nipple. The blogosphere is abuzz this afternoon with some exciting and provocative news involving Lady Gaga, an Instagram photo, and the tiniest little outline of a human nip.

Gaga posted the selfie earlier today, along with the caption “FASHUN: Vintage Mugler on the plane Listening to Miles Davis.” A few hours later, she tweeted that she was looking for “the face palm emoji,” which I guess implies that either a) she didn’t intend to have that much of her breast visible and she’s embarrassed that she didn’t notice it, or b) she’s annoyed with the degree of public freakout surrounding her chest. Based on her past level of comfort with her naked body being on display, I’m going to assume that she isn’t deeply humiliated by this slip-up, but it would still suck to have the whole world talking about a private part of your body when you didn’t ask them to. There’s a whole Seinfeld episode about this FOR A REASON.

lady gaga's nip slip tweet

Even though this makes for awesome gossip fodder, it’s important to remember that Gaga is hardly the first celeb to have a nip slip on Instagram– intentional or otherwise– and I highly doubt that you’ll be able to see the pic on her profile by the time this post goes up. Rihanna‘s barely visible areola caused a totally unnecessary uproar a few months ago, and Miley Cyrus has been challenged on her right to post photos of even obscured nipples. In fact, it’s really interesting that this photo has stayed up for even a few hours, considering how two different women have had to start campaigns against Instagram for removing photos of their fat bodies. (I highly recommend reading our interview with Meghan Tonjes, if you want to hear a total badass explaining the situation. It was nonsense, but she dealt with it like a pro.)

elaine from seinfeld and some dude nipples

Will our culture ever evolve to the point where a body part that isn’t even sex specific will stop being treated like pornography just for existing? Will we ever get over our irrational fear of women’s bodies? Will we ever live in a world where James Franco‘s body fluids are more controversial than some woman’s breast? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Tune in next week for more nipple-related news.

Photos: @ladygaga on Instagram, Seinfeld (1989-1998)