So, the other day we got our first glimpse of Lana Del Rey‘s cover art for her new single, “Blue Jeans” (above). Now the corresponding video has dropped and it’s time for a game of good news/bad news.

The good news: if the video is to be believed, she’s not actually getting choked! She’s just, uh, exploiting that imagery for controversy. That’s a wash!

The bad news is: as we mentioned then, “Blue Jeans” borrows pretty heavily from Chris Isaak‘s classic bit of histrionics, “Wicked Game” and… someone in Del Rey’s camp thought that, too! Consequently, the video itself is a stylistic knockoff (we’re not the only ones who spotted similarities).

Consider both clips feature a man and a woman doing vague, longing stuff with each other, in black and white, beside bodies of water. In Isaak’s case, it’s supermodel Helena Christensen on a sandy beach. In Del Rey’s, it’s a pool, a studio musician and… some alligators or something. To make it look original.

Also. Are you supposed to swim with fake eyelashes??

[twitvid id=”0QGJR”]