The Hackness

As you probably know, the “Somehow Even Less Talented Nancy Sinatra” is obsessed with death and dirty glamour and needle drugs and car crashes and nebulous Hollywood tragedy like every girl with a Tumblr ever, so she’s no stranger to pushing boundaries or something. Here is the cover art for her latest single, “Blue Jeans” which is causing a small internet-only stir. Behold:

Is she being choked? Is she dead and the tattooed man is checking her pulse? Is it just totally innocent and not alluding to anything odious at all? Is it a desperate ploy for attention as her fifteen minutes draw to a close? Honestly, we think the most offensive thing about this is how liberally “Blue Jeans” borrows from “Wicked Game.”

Between this and 16-year-old Hailey Clauson getting choked out in Pop, suggestive violence against women is whitehot right now.

(Cover art via Idolator)