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At this point, you’re nobody until you’ve done an impression of Marilyn Monroe. It’s basically the Bat Mitzvah of female celebritydom, the rite of passage that lets the world know that you’re now a famous woman who is allowed to sing in public. Granted, you’re channeling another famous woman — a woman who was actually probably more famous than you, and certainly, in most cases, more interesting.

But that’s neither here nor there. The point is that the latest lady to pretend to be our beloved Norma Jean is none other than the most hated singer in the world, Lana Del Rey.

Now, look — I’ll be honest with you. I don’t really get why everyone detested Lana Del Rey so much when she first made her way onto the scene. It’s not like she’s the first girl to get famous for being beautiful and to turn out to not have very much talent.

But in her new music video, I think that she redeems herself a bit, at least in the first minute or so, when she does a totally passable impression of Monroe. The song is called “National Anthem,” she impersonates the actress singing “Happy Birthday Mr. President” to JFK. And you know what? She doesn’t seem awkward, and she kind of nails Monroe’s mannerisms. I also give her props for not wearing a blonde wig — instead, she fearlessly lets her brown hair fall down her back, as if to say, “this impression will either work or it won’t work; a blonde wig won’t make much of a difference.”

I feel somewhat obligated to point out (lest you do it for me) that the rest of the song is kind of dumb. But I still don’t hate Del Rey; I now wonder if perhaps her talents are best used in acting.