lane pryce dead

Essentially, every Monday I hijack TheGlos, a fashion and beauty website, to talk about Mad Men, because no one else I know watches it and I really want to share feelings.

First off, today, I want to say if Lane was your favorite character I’m very sorry for your loss.

We’ve never lost a character permanently before! If anything it’s become a staple of the show that characters might quit the firm but they still reappear at some point!

Not Lane. Not now.

My first reaction to Lane’s suicide was “oh, no! I love Lane! Lane was my favorite character!” Then I remembered that Lane had never been my favorite character. Not even a little bit. And I say that as someone who has sincerely experienced episodes where Betty and Pete Campbell, universally recognized to be the least likeable people on the show, were my favorites.

Honestly, when Lane beat up Pete Campbell I was, well, not exactly team Campbell, because he’d spen that entire episode trying to seduce a 16 year old, but team Ken Cosgrove. Team “away from this fray writing a short story.”

I get the feeling that while everyone sort of liked Lane, no one ever loved Lane. Or did you? Were you that person? Some viewer must have related to the way he was British and uncomfortable all the time and just wanted to date a Playboy Bunny.

MORE IMPORTANTLY: Was that the suicide that Matthew Weiner has been predicting since season 1? Is this the man who has fallen? Will all the characters stop staring longingly at windows now? Or is someone still going to jump out a window?