Swedish Left Party politician Lars Ohly

Sweden’s former Left Party leader Lars Ohly decided to take some heat off Anthony Weiner this week and post an accidental dick pic to Instagram! Ohly was trying to show off his Liverpool tattoo when his penis (apparently a huge soccer fan) dropped in.

Luckily, Ohly took one from the Alison Pill School of Accidental Nude Pics on Social Media and subsequently demonstrated a sense of humor about it (why the hell not?). He tweeted: “Ha, ha, I accidentally posted a picture on Instagram that showed more than intended. Now corrected.”

Everyone else had a good sense of humor about it too, per France 24:

“Congratulations to you, after all these years, for getting this genuinely public breakthrough!” conservative Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, a political opponent, tweeted.

Other Twitter puns ranged from allegations over Ohly showing “loads of balls to admit he supports Liverpool”, to questions over whether he was really “left leaning.”

“Today I decided not to start using Instagram,” current Left Party leader Jonas Sjoestedt wrote.

Anyway, it’s a happy ending when everyone has a good laugh about it and moves on–but if Ohly would like to continue sharing dick pics, he could use some valuable pointers on composition.

Oh! And here is the offending photo, pixelated for your viewing pleasure:

lars Ohly penis picture(France24, photos via Ohly’s Twitter)