Holiday shopping is quite an experience. It doesn’t matter whether you go in November or you’re one of those ambitious people who gets their shopping done in July. Buying all of those presents for the countless people on your list is an emotional roller coaster that can leave you exhausted at the end. You’ve got to fight the crowds, find exactly what each person wants and lug all your purchases home without dropping them in a pile of slush. The emotions only intensify the closer you get to Christmas. If you’re a holiday procrastinator and leave your present shopping to the very last minute, you can relate.

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These are the emotions that everyone goes through when shopping for presents at the last minute:

1. Stressed


I’m not even at the mall yet and my blood pressure is already through the roof. I can feel my heart pounding and my brow is already sweating. I tried to make a list to make my shopping experience easier, but I couldn’t really think of anything to write down even though I had sooooo many ideas yesterday. This isn’t going to be good.

2. Angry


Why is it that people have to be so crazy during this time of year? Why can’t they be all chill on the outside and have their freakouts on the inside, like me? Why do they think that driving like maniacs and running people over with their shopping carts is going to get their shopping done faster? And why do they think that it’s everyone else’s fault that they’ve left their shopping to the last minute? Not cool.

3. Clueless


Where to begin? I should have done a game plan instead of a sad attempt at shopping list. Should I just start in this store and work my way down, or should I try and shop for specific people first? Is there someone I can pay to help with this?

4. Helpless 


Why are there 40 different customers but not one sales associate? Are they hiding? I cannot find anything in this store because it looks like a hurricane went through. And of course the one thing that I want is on the highest shelf possible. How am I supposed to get it? Grab my picks and start scaling the wall?

5. Panicked


How has this much time gone by? I haven’t done anything. I spent 45 minutes trying to park then I spent another 20 minutes trying to figure out the lay of the land. Now you’re telling me that the shops are already going to be closing? How is that even possible? It’s the afternoon.

6. Annoyed


I know that stores are one of the worst places to be during the holidays, but it would make such a difference if you could pretend to be a bit happy instead of looking like you have a noose around your neck. You should be happy that I don’t need you to wrap my presents. I’m saving you the work. I also would have probably asked anyone else in the store including that random dude over there who doesn’t work here for help except I knew that you’re the only one that had the key to this case.

7. Overwhelmed


I have bags on my arms that I don’t even know where they’re from. It seems like there are bills coming out of every part of my body. I cannot find my card, I feel like I’m going to pass out at any minute and I’m pretty sure I dropped my phone on the floor back there. And I have to buy presents for four more people.

8. Exhausted


No more shopping. No more holidays. Just sleep…Wait, what do you mean I have to have everything wrapped up by tomorrow?