Laura Ling — sister of Lisa Ling, formerly of ‘The View’ — who as you may recall was held in captivity in North Korea for five months and released as soon as Bill Clinton showed his face, has had a baby girl and named it after both her sister and Bill.

Yuuuuuck. I mean, I get that Bill had a hand in rescuing you from captivity and everything. And I get that your sister is cool. But something about this smacks of fame-grabbing, naming the little girl after the two most famous people in your life rather than — oh, I don’t know — anyone else. Anyone else at all. Don’t you have some grandparents or great-grandparents or something? Something that wouldn’t lead the world to believe that you’re just trying to cling to your 15 minutes of fame and maybe get another headline or two out of this?

Listen — I’m sure being in captivity was really crappy. And I’m sure it was super cool to get freed. But there were a lot of other people who likely had a larger hand in her release than Clinton, who was basically just the public face of it. And the fact that he’s “checked in on you” a few times doesn’t make him that much of a saint. And I like Bill Clinton. But come on — naming your baby after him is just really taking the gratitude too far.