law and order svu


Vulture reports:

Anna Chlumsky plays the faux–E.L. James whose best-selling book is called 25 Acts. Per L&O franchise standards, we assume someone will derisively explain what the term “S&M” means, and probably Fin will be all incredulous and say something like “people are into that?” and everyone else will have to be like “I know, it’s so weird” even though what they probably want to say is “of course they are, come on.”

The weirdest part of this, to me, is that Anna Chlumsky is best known for starring in My Girl. Really. This is what she looked like in My Girl.

How did your life take a turn to writing trashy erotica, Vada!? What happened!?

Young love does that to people, I guess.


God, I love Law and Order: SVU. I mean, of course I do. Of course I do. I’m a woman, after all. I can’t wait to watch this, though I’m less likely to tune in for it than end up watching it on re-runs some Saturday afternoon.

So, let’s play a game. What do you think you will have been drinking the night before you spend the entire day watching a Law And Order: Svu marathon hungover on your couch? I vote martinis, but it could be anything! You tell me!


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