Lauren Conrad wants to get kids off drugs.  During the 5 minute- long PSA about her experience (or lack thereof) with drug use, she manages to talk about drugs for probably a total of a minute, and gush about her career in television, fashion, and writing for the rest of it.  Here are some highlights from the PSA, and please don’t let the adorable childhood photos distract you from her “important” message:

  • First of all, she begins the PSA stating, “I grew up in Laguna Beach, California.”  No shit, LC.  It’s not like we haven’t been watching you for the past decade.
  • Her father, Jim Conrad, says, “She had some pretty close friends that we knew were using drugs.” Um, names here, Jimbo?!  Obviously hippie-wannabe Trey Philips was smoking pot, but let’s hear some good gossip.  Christina?  Second-rate, “angel” Christina Shuller, doing blow in the Crystal Cathedral?  That’s what I want to know about.
  • LC says when she got to LA, she saw drug use at a “higher level.”  One piece of evidence supporting this:  Audrina “Ceiling Eyes” Patridge.
  • Of drugs, LC says, “I don’t know that there was one specific thing that encouraged me not to do drugs; I just didn’t want to do them.” I say, maybe you should have, dear.  It would at least make you a bit more interesting.