I’m a little torn over this month’s GQ pictorial of “Glee” stars Lea Michele, Dianna Agron and Corey Monteith. The shoot has super hot pics of the ladies and some adorable pics of Monteith…but part of me feels like our friend Lea Michele is trying a little too hard (you can view the slideshow here).

Now, don’t get me wrong here — my problem is not with her wearing skimpy clothes and getting her picture taken, or with public displays of female sexuality. Just to be clear. But when displayed side-by-side with Agron’s photos, that are hot and also badass, Michele looks a little more like she’s trying to remind the world that she’s sexy, too, and less like she’s having a good time out there in her underwear and heels.

And photo shoots in underwear and heels should be fun.