After what seemed like an eternity of speculation, false rumors, hemming, hawing, and “is-this-even-happening?”, the auteur behind 50 Shades of Grey has announced who will play the two leads in the upcoming film adaptation of this important work of literature. And they are…

Two people you’ve probably never heard of! Namely, Dakota Johnson and Charlie Hunnam.

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Perhaps anticipating that today would otherwise be a slow news day, E.L. James announced it via Twitter just a few hours ago, setting off a race to see which depressed person working the holiday blogging shift could get it up first. (Hi!) So what do these two humans look like and what is their deal?

12th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball

Dakota Johnson is a 23-year-old model/actress best known for her role in the short-lived Fox sitcom Ben and Kate (2012-2013). Despite bit parts in The Social Network and the remake of 21 Jump Street, she has yet to play a memorable role in anything, but she’s Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith‘s daughter, so she’s a little bit famous by default. As you can see from the photo above, she is good at looking dewy and innocent. Let’s watch her career take off together.

Los Angeles premiere of 'Pacific Rim'

Charlie Hunnam is a 33-year-old Brit who has done quite a bit of TV acting. Queer As Folk and Sons of Anarchy (for which he was nominated for numerous awards) are the two credits that ring a bell for me. As far as the silver screen goes, he was in the critically acclaimed Children of Men and the obscure but great 3…2…1…Frankie Go Boom. He is also not afraid to appear in mainstream garbage, as his role in this year’s Pacific Rim would attest. That final quality should serve him well in his upcoming duties as Christian Grey. Another important skill he has? Looking smug in a suit.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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