lena dunham book proposal

There is one point in her book proposal where Lena Dunham tells a story about a time – at five – she told a stranger that her father punished her by sticking a fork in her vagina.

He did not. To my knowledge, no one has ever stuck a fork in Lena Dunham’s vagina.

Also, Lena Dunham – who thinks writing for money is weird – has that $3.5 million book coming out! There’s a proposal! Here. You can look at some sample chapters here. It includes a story intended to explain some of Lena’s relationship choices.

Basically, when she was five, a stranger at a party asked Lena and a friend of her’s how they were punished when they were bad. Lena replied that her father stuck a fork in her vagina. The stranger then repeated this anecdote to people, and Lena’s father found this… whimsical? And whisked her up to bed? And he conclusion seems to be that she could always appreciate the idea of being punished?

My conclusion is: DID HE TELL HER NOT TO SAY THAT? I don’t know. There’s not much follow-up. It seems like that would have been a good time to warn a child that words have consequences.

Maybe my parents didn’t allow for enough in the way of whimsical child abuse lies?

I’m going to paraphrase Mindy Kaling (who wrote a really fun book, which I really enjoyed!) and ask “is everyone being weird without me?”

Oh, Christ, I’ll never get a book deal.

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Picture via Wenn.com/Girls