Remember the episode of Girls where Hannah told Jessa she had HPV and Jessa shrugged it off with one of her best lines, “all adventurous women do”? And then Hannah tweeted it without context and she and Marnie danced to Robyn together and you cried?


One unabashed Girls fan named Tina Wargo does, and furthermore, wants to get it tattooed on her body so she will remember it forever. And that’s not all: she wants to get it tattooed in Lena Dunham‘s handwriting, to give it a creepy personal touch.

This being the age of the internet, Ms. Wargo reached out to Lena with a tweet, and lo and behold, the Girls creator tweeted back pretty quickly:



Lena subsequently Instagrammed a photo for her (above), and Tina promised to send a picture once it’s inked. Synergy!

I am currently experiencing many conflicting thoughts about this, not limited to, but including:

-For those who get the reference, this person is essentially getting a tattoo that says “I have HPV.” Is that brave, or stupid? Does the fact that HPV is SO NOT A BIG DEAL cancel out any attempted bravery here?

-Lena Dunham almost definitely sits and reads everything people tweet at her, so plan your tweets accordingly, whether you’re feeling nice, mean, or in between.

-When formulating your thoughts on the degree to which Lena Dunham is down-to-earth/magnanimous/self-obsessed/overly confident/worthy of air, food and water, please take into account the fact that people are getting lines from her show tattooed on their bodies in her hand, a condition under which the coolest, most Jennifer Lawrence-y of individuals would struggle to “keep it real.”

(Via Buzzfeed)

Photo: Lena Dunham