You know you have a favorite...

I think it’s time we all focus on which Spice Girl with whom we identify most. This is extremely important in being self-aware and acknowledging our counterpart in one of the most famous girl groups of all time. It’s also Friday and Fridays were made for fun and ridiculous thoughts on such topics like the Spice Girls.

Recently, cute-as-a-button Lena Dunham, said that when it came down to choosing one of the five gals that she liked most, her heart belonged to Sporty Spice. I’m not sure of the correlation there as Dunham shares my oh-so fantastic habit of eating cupcakes in the tub and that doesn’t seem very “sporty,” but when it comes to preferences, one can’t argue it. It’s like opinions: there are no wrong ones; they’re just confusing to those who don’t agree.

When her fellow Girls star, Zosia Mamet was asked the same question, she said she liked Baby Spice the most back in the day, but now “I feel like I wanna channel Ginger.” Just like me! Zosia and I are practically twins! Actually, I’m being completely serious — we are twins.

Both Girls and Sex and the City have created female characters that, whether you love them or hate them, you’ve probably played that game (at least in your head) of which character you are most like. For example, I’m a combo Carrie-Hannah concoction with a splash of Samantha and a dash of Jessa. Or at least that’s what I tell myself, because that’s what I am in the darkest room in the world where no one is around to dispute these claims. In dark rooms, we can all be anything we want.

So, HBO series aside, what do we think about this in regards to the Spice Girls? Is it different now than it was when they first hit the scene in 1994? Are you a bit Scary with a pinch of Baby? Did you watch Spice World last night instead of the vice-presidential debates?

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Photo: DJ Chars