526278951MP007_2014_Ally_CoHere at The Gloss, we’re big fans of reading. Heck, we love talking about ways to organize our books and finding book-themed jewelry as much as we adore cracking open a new novel. Any news about books is thrilling for us, so we were very excited when Lena Dunham announced that she is launching a new publishing imprint, Lenny Books.

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Lena revealed that she and partner/BFF Jenni Konner are launching Lenny Books at Random House. The new publishing imprint is an extension of Lena and Jenni’s popular Lenny newsletter, which, if you haven’t subscribed yet, you need to ASAP. Random House also published Lena’s best-selling book, Not That Kind of Girl.

Lenny Books will publish a select number of fiction and non-fiction titles each year. The publishing imprint will share emerging voices with readers, similar to the Lenny newsletter. BuzzFeed reported that Lena said she also hopes Lenny Books will ” push the ball forward on the issues that matter to our audience, with wit and style.” Random House said in a statement,

“The imprint will be a home for the kinds of exciting, emerging voices — in fiction and non-fiction — that Lena and Jenni Konner are already attracting and publishing so successfully in their newsletter and on their site. Working with Lena, Jenni and the editors of Lenny, we plan to publish a select number of titles each year to build a varied, compelling, and voice-driven list. Drawing on their eye for talent and love of books, we see this as a perfect opportunity to broaden what we do at Random House, while staying true to our mission: to work with writers we love and to publish them well.”

You can add Lenny Books to Lena’s ever-growing list of accomplishments. We already mentioned that she is a best-selling author and newsletter creator. Plus, Lena is a Golden Globe winner and a writer, producer, director, and one the lead actresses in a little show called Girls, not to mention her role as Women of the Hour podcast host, Planned Parenthood advocate, or voice of reason on social media.

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Lenny Books also isn’t the first extension of the Lenny newsletter. Lena and Jenni launched the Lenny Shop back in December 2015. However, Lenny Books is obviously a much bigger step forward in the evolution of the brand.

There’s no word of what the first book from Lenny Books will be or when it will be released, but keep an eye here and on the Lenny newsletter. The debut book is going to be a must-read for all book clubs everywhere. Plan your reading list accordingly.

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