lena dunham sex and the city tshirt clashistIt’s always the day after Christmas when you discover the greatest gifts. Today is no exception, as Lena Dunham took to Instagram to reveal that you—and you, and you—have all made a huge mistake. Whatever gift you gave the Sex and the City fan in your life is ALL WRONG. Because this Samantha Jones power suit t-shirt is 100% right. So right that you’re about to head over to Clashist and snap up a couple for you and your best friend, no occasion necessary. It’s the gift that says, “I love you, but we both love Samantha Jones more.”

Here’s an up-close-and-personal version of the array of Samantha Jones powersuits that your body will soon be swathed in.


Samantha Jones is fifty-fucking-two, and she is rocking these dresses (and pants suits). As far as I’m concerned, this shirt is the next-best-thing to donning that double-breasted pink power suit yourself. And probably much more comfortable. 
So thank you Lena Dunham, for adding an absolute necessity to our post-holiday shopping lists. It turns out that Lena is the star of her very own Clashist print: the Lena Dunham Birthday Suit Tee. Now if only Kim Cattrall would wear this one…
(Feature photo: Instagram)