Lena Dunham tweeted an unfunny rape joke last night.

Photo: Anthony Harvey/Getty Images

Out of all the celebrities whom I expected to hear rape jokes from, I admit that Lena Dunham was not one of them. Alas, on Sunday evening, Lena responded to a Twitterer who said, “you don’t always have to get naked” in response to her Saturday Night Live performance the night before. The choice to be naked somewhat frequently has been a source of constant criticism thrown at the Girls creator and star–often utilizing her figure’s differences from the “standard” actress body in the most negative ways possible–so I imagine that she’s exhausted of seeing this kind of message every day.

Sadly, she wound up making an unfunny joke in response, tweeting, “Please tell that to my uncle, mister. He’s been making me!” Oof. She subsequently deleted the tweet, but it’s been preserved in retweet form:

Yikes, indeed.

However, Lena did something that most people who make rape jokes do not do–apologized and admitted it wasn’t funny:



Rather than justifying her joke, she explained, said she was sorry and noted she knows better, just as any adult should. Plus, she acknowledged her choice to delete the tweet rather than pretending it never happened–something we should all know better than to do on the Internet, where things last forever no matter how convincingly you pretend they never happened.

So, while I’m disappointed she made the joke in the first place and can’t help but feel unsure of how genuine her apology was–after all, it’s hard not to be skeptical of celebrity apologies, particularly under the pressure of public criticism–I’m still glad she deleted it and responded the way she did. It’s infinitely better than the “you bitches are SO PC and nobody has a sense of humor anymore!!1” self-reflection most people seem to have after being called out for comments like these.

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