Sexy singer Leona Lewis showed up to the Harper’s Bazaar presentation party at the Casino de Madrid wearing a strange winged dress.  I have seriously looked at this dress in different shots from all angles and I really just can’t figure out what is going on…it reminds me of those Project Runway outfits where Michael Kors has something hilariously and extremely insulting to say about how terrible it is…and then the designer gets Auf’ed.

The black wings are some sort of bizarre sleeves that are cinched at the center, but it’s just not flattering or pretty or anything…just weird and looks like she’s in some sort of dark angel costume.  I hate the taffeta fabric, especially paired with the black sheer tights and pointy black pumps…can we be more 80’s prom please???

Yikes.  Worst dressed!!

Image: Bauer Griffin