A new trailer for Les Miserables is out! And it’s not just a very, very slim Anne Hathaway singing “I Dreamed A Dream!” Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe and Amanda Seyfried are all also singing! But most importantly…

Helena Bonham Carter is in this and she is wearing an absolutely insane wig. I am pretty sure that no one during that period was dressing as though they were married to Tim Burton, but, you know, I’m in love with Helena Bonham Carter. I think she’s wonderful. I’m also pretty keen to see her paired off against Sasha Baron Cohen.

Also, the trailer is not working because everything is a nightmare. Go look at it here, watch it, now.

And as someone who, at 12, listened to the Les Miserables soundtrack pretty much every day as I did my math homework (we both knew what it was to be put upon and suffer, those characters and I) I will probably see this twenty times and will be judging it very harshly, since I have a regional theater company’s 1998 performance to compare it to.

Yeah, this version will probably be better. Mostly because of Helena Bonham Carter’s outrageous wig. It’s going to be 77% better just because of that. And it’s coming out on Christmas day, so you should probably start lining up for it now.