When I stumbled across the above photo yesterday I laughed out loud. Because seriously, scoring one fake I.D. is hard enough, so having two to prove you’re of age to buy alcohol is nearly impossible. You’d have to have a fake a license, and what? A passport? And from what I’ve gathered from movies, faking a passport is only easy if you’re Jason Bourne and you don’t live in the real world.

The day I turned 21 my sister, who’s roughly a year and a half younger than me, waltzed on down to the DMV. With my social security number memorized and nothing but a library card and a credit card (both lacking photos), she claimed that she, “Amanda Chatel,” had lost her driver’s license and needed one stat. Without asking any questions, they sat her down to take a new photo of her that would be placed on an I.D. with all my information. I gave her my blessing, but told her if she got caught, I’d just tell the authorities that she stole it.

The most disturbing part of it was that my sister and I look NOTHING alike. I’m light skinned with blue eyes; I’m curvy and a couple inches shorter than my sister. She, on the other hand, is rail-thin with darker skin, dark eyes and dark hair — at that time, I was sporting a bleached pixie cut, so our resemblance was non-existent. As she sat there waiting for the photo to be taken, she noticed that they were pulling up the last photo of me they had on record to confirm that she was indeed Amanda Chatel. My sister began to get sick to her stomach and terrified that she was about to spend the next few months in jail, but no! Despite our more than obvious physical differences that were as plain as day, they took her photo and handed over “her” new license. And people say I’m a conniving little shit; she’s just way more stealth about it.

Although I did have friends who went out of their way and actually paid good money for a fake I.D.,when it came to creativity and something that was actually a state-issued identification, my sister takes the cake. I, out of fear of being arrested, never even bothered to try to score one. I always figured if someone was to get caught, it would be me. Such an anti-climatic youth I led.

Did you have a fake I.D. before you turned 21? If so, how did you go about it? You know, just in case I turn 20 years old tomorrow and need tips.


Photo: Reddit via HuffPo