The French sure know how to put together a book. L’histoire de la Lingerie (The History of Lingerie), by Chantal Thomass and Catherine Ormen, comes inside a small pink box and is carefully wrapped in black tissue paper. And while the book itself is an exhaustively researched tome that covers everything from corsets to Bardot, even non-French speakers can enjoy out the gorgeous quality photographs that trace the history of women’s undergarments. The authors each bring their own sensibilities to the text: Thomass, a well-known lingerie designer, has the technical prowess to delight every fashion nerd. Ormen, a scholar of fashion history and founder of the Museum of Fashion in Marseille, clearly knows the ways that lingerie has appeared in classic film and literature (Proust’s Odette deservedly gets a mention, alongside everyone from Twiggy to several Bond girls.)

Right now, the book is only available in French. If you’re fluent or if you’re not, the book is a great conversation piece, and it’s about twenty times sexier than any other coffee table book you own. And if it comes out in English, I’ll be first in line to get it.