This just in: Rupert Sanders‘ scorned (for K-Stew) wife Liberty Ross has officially moved on from the “fuck you outfit” phase of her break-up narrative to the “public rebound” one. She was photographed steppin’ out with a new man yesterday, and looked pretty pleased to be doing so. Like any good rebound, he seems cuter and more fun that her estranged husband, which she made sure everyone noticed by parading him around in front of the cameras. Why, it’s almost as if these paparazzi photos are less an intrusion on Liberty Ross’s private life and more a giant, intentional middle finger to her soon to be ex-husband (with an eye to publicity). I just hope her “mystery man” doesn’t expect too much from this deal, because I don’t think Liberty Ross is famous enough on her own to sexually transmit said fame to another person.

Photos: Pacific Coast News[ITPGallery]