A lot has been written about Kate Middleton over the past few weeks. Her style, her patience…well, that’s actually it.

But now that it’s been announced that Kate and William will get married next April at Westminster Abbey, things just seem to be getting rosier and rosier for the bride-to-be.

First of all, looks like she gets to jump over the tedious part of wedding planning — visiting venues — and jump right to the fun part — tasting cakes.

Second of all, she can go ahead and pick the most delicious cake out there with no thought to cost because her family isn’t paying for the wedding — the royal family is (and, I suppose, all the citizens of England). Translation: no minimum budget.

Finally, she doesn’t have to worry about how drunken guests will get home safely, because, reports CNN: “The government will meet any wider transportation or security-related costs, Prime Minister David Cameron said.”

Looks like all she has to do is snack on finger food and pick out the most important wedding dress of the decade. So far, marrying a prince seems pretty awesome.