Lily Allen Hard Out Here

Was anybody else just waiting for the day when a fellow famous performer would throw down on Miley Cyrus‘ rampant use of humans as props and appropriation as a means to notoriety? Well, that day is today, and that performer is Lily Allen. For her first single in years, Lily made a music video that throws swings in the directions of misogyny, Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke and all sorts of idiocy.

The opening scene of “Hard Out Here” features Lily on an operating table getting liposuction as her manager looks on, disgusted, wondering, “How does somebody let themselves get like this?” “A lack of self-discipline,” remarks a surgeon. Lily explains that she’s had two children, but as we all know, that matters not.

Lily Allen Hard Out Here Robin Thicke

She then throws shade (is anybody still saying that? Meh, I am today) at Robin Thicke, sarcastically trotting around balloons that spell out, “Lily Allen Has A Baggy Pussy.” Dancers twerk around her in a comically dramatic way while licking bottles of champagne, smoking and pouring liquids on themselves as Lily proclaims that it’s “hard out here for a bitch.”

While Lily utilizes black dancers shaking their asses and hips in her video, it is obvious that this is the whole point: that a white performer consistently using women of color as a type of place setting for her ~*art*~ is ridiculous. The fact that the “manager” in the video is showing the women how they’re supposed to wiggle is indicative of this being entirely on purpose as a critique of people like Miley who do this, then deny it. She’s even giggling as she fake-spanks them, which I interpreted as being a direct imitation of Miley at the VMAs.

I, for one, am pretty stoked on this because I think so many famous folks refuse to call out other performers for fear of repercussions. And rather than label Miley a slut or insult her for wearing revealing clothing, both of which are ridiculous things to be actually angry about, she’s critiquing Robin Thicke, Miley Cyrus, sexism and the industry as a whole by showing just how nonsensical they all look. Take a look at this A+ video and judge for yourself:

As a side note, I’ve been wearing lots of deep purple and almost-black lipstick lately, so this confirms to me that other human beings are, indeed, doing this and that I don’t just look totally ridiculous. Or rather, I don’t look totally ridiculous alone. Hallelipstick!