Lindsay-Lohan-court leaves China Tang in London

That’s it. I’m out. I’m done. No more defending Lindsay Lohan for me! I have long held  out on wanting to give the celebrity equivalent of Fanta another try and the benefit of the doubt, but she really is just about as sad as the rest of sensible society has been saying for ages. Why? Because the Lindsay Lohan courtapalooza is nowhere near over since she canceled her date in front of a Los Angeles judge. Why? She was “too sick.” But not too sick to go shopping, according to TMZ.

She was required to appear in an LA court, but her attorney submitted papers stating she was too ill to fly, as well as a NY Post article regarding the flu epidemic that has been sweeping the United States. Unfortunately, “flu” does not directly translate to “doesn’t feel like doing shit,” which in LiLo world is apparently the case: rather than simply staying home sick, as would make sense for a person who has the flu, she went shopping in SoHo. If the judge hears of this — and, obviously the courtroom hears about most things regarding celebrities who have to occupy it — Lindsay court have a warrant put out for her arrest.

I think what bothers me so much about this story is not that she lied; for goodness’ sake, most people have lied to get out of unpleasant things such as a huge test in high school or attending a brunch where everyone chews with their mouths open but for some reason, your best friend just plain loves them. What upsets me is that she brazenly went out and didn’t care if everybody knew she was lying, and that sort of seems like a middle finger to the justice system and to anybody who’s so far had faith (albeit a dwindling amount) in her.

Considering the past few months has shown her to be a terrible coworker and thief of heirlooms and overall irresponsible flake, maybe she’s just prolonging this court fiasco to try to keep an already exhausted public from totally tossing her away.