Lindsay Lohan Press Conference At Social Film Loft - 2014 Park City

Lindsay Lohan‘s redemption-porn show on the OWN network ended last night, and Lohan revealed that she had suffered a miscarriage during the filming of the show. This whole thing feels like a punch to the sad bone mixed with a smack to the heart.

A main theme over the course of the season was that Lohan just couldn’t seem to get anything right–she continuously showed up hours late to events and appearances if she even showed up at all, prompting a sit down with Oprah where she admonished Lohan to get her act together.

In last night’s episode, she initially blamed another late appearance on a chest cold, but eventually revealed that she had suffered a miscarriage, saying:

“No one knows this, but I had a miscarriage for those two weeks I took off. I was sick, and that mentally messes with you.”

Miscarriages, although common in the first trimester of pregnancy, can be devastating, even if the pregnancy was unplanned (which for all I know, it wasn’t. I don’t know Lohan). But it’s a good reminder that even an Oprah-produced docu-series doesn’t show everything, and it’s easy to paint Lohan as a perpetual failure with some easy editing tricks.

Lohan is the perfect character for us all to love to watch fail–she was the dream girl in elementary school who we all wanted to be (I learned the handshake from The Parent Trap and I know you did, too), she nailed it in Mean Girls, which still holds up, and then plummeted off the deep end. Publicly. Her attempts at a comeback have always failed, and her family members got in on the story too, publicly sharing their dysfunction at her expense. It was easy to eat it up, and even easier to think that we had the whole story. We obviously never had and likely never will.

Photo: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images