Photo: Oprah Winfrey Network

Photo: Oprah Winfrey Network

As you may have heard if you utilize the Internet whatsoever, Lindsay Lohan has a brand new reality show on Oprah‘s network, OWN. It’s ostensibly about her redemption after getting a bunch of DUIs, allegedly stealing from others, and spending a rather remarkable amount of money, but in reality (ha), it’s still just another program where nothing feels genuine and the characters are, well, characters. If people on her team genuinely wanted to help her live a less high-profile, stressful life, they would steer her as far away from doing a reality show as possible; if this wasn’t out of desire for money and instead out of concern for her wellbeing, wouldn’t any therapist ever agree and advise that healing in public isn’t a great idea? And while reality shows do take a large amount of acting, anybody concerned for her acting career also understands that doing one removes all possibility of being taken seriously. The show operates under the guise of being her “last chance to do what [she loves]” despite being conducive to nothing along those lines.

Naturally, the whole thing has been fascinating to a lot of people (myself included), because as difficult as I find it to sympathize with somebody who’s experienced a startling amount of wealth, fame and special treatment, I also image it’s just short of impossible to grow up normal when you have genuinely terrible parents and you started working full-time at age 11. Our friend Eve over at Mommyish feels the same way, stating her opinion that Lindsay seems “sad and sort of lost. But also really brave and honest.”

Even so, the reactions to Lindsay have been, at best, mixed. Here were some of the funnier, sadder and more poignant responses.








TBH, I’m pretty sure no matter what state of mine I was in, I wouldn’t be able to handle Dina nor Michael Lohan.


And then a lot of people just seemed sort of mad about how LiLo doesn’t wear a bra? Apparently, that was their issue with her life. Not the addiction or the parental problems or the striking shows of irresponsibility–just the boobs, and their supposed lack of support.




This one I can get behind, though: