lindsay lohan stalker arrestedWait, you know Lindsay Lohan has a new stalker, right?

Or… maybe she does? It’s sort of ambigous! What we know right now is that “a white man aged approximately 40-50 years-old wearing a baseball cap was pictured being escorted from Lindsay Lohan’s property by LAPD officers.” He apparently approached her front door, asked to speak with her and refused to leave, at which point Lindsay called the cops.

Good decision! Of course, it could just be someone who really wanted their copy of Playboy signed. But then, it could also be the same possibly schizophrenic man who sent the movie star threatening text messages back in May. In any event it’s pretty shocking to us that someone could even get close enough to the actress’s house to try this sort of thing – isn’t there some sort of security? Somewhere?  We’re really hoping that Lindsay will get to avoid the law – in any form – for the rest of 2012.