Lindsay Lohan has been doing all kinds of weird shit lately: channeling dead people for profit and attention, missing “every meeting” she had for the latest installment in the apparently-still-going Scary Movie franchise, posing with guns to her head/in her mouth (alongside her fingers), and getting into multi-million dollar lawsuits with scorned spray tan companies. The latest strange thing Lohan has done, though, may take the cake for pure inexplicable oddness.

We present herewith yet another reason Lindsay Lohan should never tweet:

That says, for any of you who can’t see it, “Birkin. Mac computer. Chanel and a jet. Never quit fighting to live your dreams. God bless.”

First off, it would seem that Lohan is one of the legions of people who conflate owning a Mac with being an actually interesting individual. That’s not terribly surprising.

Second off, maybe if you’re an emotionally imbalanced former child star, your dreams look something like the above photograph. If your dreams, however, do not resemble a $30,000 hot pink ostrich handbag and a bedazzled laptop, you’re probably doing pretty well for yourself and should stay the course.

(Photo via Twitter)