In the event that you didn’t notice last night, a certain stumbling, bumbling actress was missing from the mix at the 70th Golden Globe Awards. Sadly for her supporters and happily for all braceletsLindsay Lohan found herself without an invite. Her fans, however, might’ve been happy to watch LiLo live tweet the awards show in a way that is hard not to construe as “desperate.” Normally, I would just say it was kind of adorable that such a famous celebrity spent a bunch of time saying nice things about other celebrities; instead, I can’t help but shake the feeling that last night’s Lindsay Lohan Twitter loveliness was simply because the press has rightfully been all up on her grill for being a very unlikable celebrity and unpleasant person to work with.

For example, when Jennifer Lawrence jokingly gloated toward the legendary Meryl Streep about winning by saying, “I beat Meryl!” in her acceptance speech, LiLo tweeted:

Lilo tweets 1

I’m pretty sure Streep, who has been nominated more times than any other actor, just laughed at the 22-year-old being excited to win, but LiLo’s a brave knight, I suppose. She also posted several other tweets that felt peculiarly like the end of Mean Girls when Cady compliments everyone and breaks her tiara into little pieces. Except instead of Regina George getting hit by a bus the month before, it was Lohans’ career. And nobody gives a shit about the crown which she proverbially distributed to, well, just about everyone else…

Good point, random Twitter follower.

Good point, random Twitter follower.

Lilo tweets 3

LiLo Tweets 5

LiLo Tweets 4

Feels sort of sad and desperate, right? Normally, I would think it was pretty adorable, but for Lindsay Lohan, Twitter just seems like the only outlet she has left to beg the entertainment world into taking her seriously again. I can’t help but imagine her sitting in an expensive robe with three-day-old mascara on and expensive, unpaid-for vodka in her system, repetitively whispering, “They’ll love me. They’ll all love me…”

As much as I used to give LiLo the benefit of the doubt, it’s been pretty difficult lately. Did you guys listen to that recording of her yelling at James Deen while on set for The Canyons? She just doesn’t seem like the type of person who does much in the way of being nice to others unless the cameras are turned on and she knows she’s being publicly watched. So unless she stops with the, “OMG I LOVE your bracelet, where did you get it?” act and starts seeming like she’s not a total nightmare to exist around, I think it’s safe to say that Lohan won’t be receiving awards invitations anytime soon, no matter how many cavities she gives us via Twitter.