The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority are back, this time putting a stop to the above lingerie ad. Which seems pretty tame as far as lingerie ads go, until you take a moment to realize they are not selling a raised bust and more eye-catching cleavage, they’re advertising… an airline.

The “budget airline” Ryanair apparently offers a cabin crew comprised of hot women in their underwear–so a breastraunt in the vein of Hooters, only there aren’t mediocre wings and it flies–and uses the slogan “RED HOT FARES & CREW!”

The ads ran in several newspapers until the ASA’s hammer came down. They said:

“We also considered that most readers would interpret these images, in conjunction with the text … and the names of the women, as linking female cabin crew with sexually suggestive behavior. Although we acknowledged that the women in the ads had consented to appear in the calendar, we considered that the ads were likely to cause widespread offense, when displayed in a national newspaper, and therefore concluded that they breached the [advertising] code.”

Apparently it all started with a petition–now with 11,000+ signatures–spearheaded by an incensed flight attendant.

I’m a member of an airline Cabin Crew and what’s more I love my job. My work colleagues, many of whom are male, work hard with me to ensure the safety of our passengers. Safety is our number one priority, not the brand of our underwear.

A lot of people are going to these ads are fine and the ASA is going to too far and blah blah blah nanny state, and we agree they’re not very provocative (they’re certainly not on par with a hair salon advertising a chic haircut to go with your sexy domestic violence). They are, however, a lame way to sell cheap airfare. Whether or not that’s a banning offense is another matter.

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