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Hot on the Jiminy Cricket coattails of the announcements for live-action Mulan and Dumbo films, Disney is already announcing another live-action adaptation of a classic animated movie: Pinocchio. You can presumably thank the Blue Fairy for this, or just the masterminds at Disney who have seemingly decided to exclusively create live-action films of old classics rather than writing new ones.

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As you may recall, Pinocchio is the story about Geppetto, a lonely woodcarver who decides to play God and carves out not an adult for him to hang out with, but a little boy to adopt. Why he didn’t just go to the ASPCA and get a dog, nobody knows, but this is how the story of Pinocchio goes. After coming to life, Pinocchio winds up being a compulsive liar, making this a cautionary tale to anybody who wants to manufacture themselves a wooden human with the expectation of them being normal.

Side note: is it weird that I feel like the She’s All That remake will somehow we less believable than the Pinocchio one? I can handle puppets coming to life via CGI, but can I handle another choreographed prom dance without Usher?


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I’m not so sure.