Liya Kebede (left) and Waris Dirie (right)

We at The Gloss love fashion movies. And I’ve previously mentioned some fashion biopics that I’d love to see get made. One great life story making its way to the big screen is Waris Dirie – the legendary African-born model’s autobiography Desert Flower is now being adapted for the big screen. Model Liya Kebede stars as Dirie. The New York Times’ Moment blog reports on the film, which will debut in New York in March. Apparently, at a recent screening, several audience members walked out during a scene depicting female genital mutilation (FGM). While I’m sure a scene like that must be difficult to watch, I’m glad they included it in the film – it’s an important issue and something that affects many women. Even knowing that that scene is in the movie, I’m still planning to see it when it opens.