Lorde Delta Airline Pre-Grammy Party January 24 2014 West Hollywood California

Time to whip out your “Things That Lorde Has At 17 That I Wish I Had Ever” list and add “a group of amazingly inspiring fans” right beneath “a flawless head of hair.” Because at her most recent concert in Kansas City, which also happened to be the first protest since the passing of Westboro Baptist Church leader, Fred Phelps, they showed how to take the high road like the absolute model humans that they are. Why don’t you go ahead and free up your hands because you’re going to need them for several rounds of applause in just a little bit.

As is usual with Westboro protests, there were tons of protesters lined up outside of Lorde’s concert venue with cruel and also slightly insane signs. I’m not going to even get started on the fact that it makes zero sense for them to even be attacking Lorde because she’s a teenaged pop star who’s just trying to be her awesome self. But I won’t even begin to try to get into the minds of the Church or its followers. What I can get behind, though, is how her fans, instead of stooping to the level of the Church, whipped out their messages of support and sympathy for their loss of Phelps. And, even as a forever disagree-er of the Church and its ridiculous bullying tactics, I can admit that her fans’ genuine niceness to the protesters is beautiful and heartwarming.

Lorde Fans Banner Sorry For Your Loss

(Screenshot: YouTube)

I think that we can all stand to tear a page out of their book every one in a while. Actually, I need to go think about some life choices for a year or so. Because, if I’m being honest, I don’t exude this sort of kindness nearly often enough.

Lorde Fans Live Your Life And Be Awesome

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I would say “same to you,” Lorde’s fans, but it’s very clear that you’re all already doing just that. So keep doing you and especially keep reminding the world that sometimes the best combatant for hatred is genuine kindness.

Photo: FayesVision/WENN